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Work & Art

Some of my favorite pieces.

3 thoughts on “Work & Art

  • dear Hanne Mi.
    We recently purchased two beautiful drinking cups from you. I would really like to order more cups and plates from you. Can I order two large dinner plates and 4 cups in blue with dots. I do send a photo to you.

  • Delia Mancini de Borst -

    Dear Hanne,

    I hope you are doing well.

    We already have you small and large plates + the soup plates with the blue color on the edge of the plates.

    We are now looking for new bowls (12) that can be used to serve soup or rice or any appetizer like chips. We do have already one size home that we like but they mostly all get broken. Would you be able to do some for us? The diameter of the bowl is 16,5 cm. Maybe if would be easier if I can show you a photo.
    We like the blue color at the edge and I love the colored one too and the one with the dots in the bowl.

    We will normally come to Zakynthos this summer in July if we are allowed.

    Kind regards

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