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FINE authentic CERAMICS, sculptures, tiles, murals, tableware, bowls, mirrors, table-tops, all in strong vibrant colors, high fired quality stoneware.
100% handmade with love and joy .

NEW vibrant colors!

3 thoughts on “Home

  • Steven Meeuwissen-True -

    I understand you take pottery lessons. Would it be possible for my wife and I to join a class with you this Tuesday 23rd July. I guess it may be too short notice but ask just in case. We are in Zakynthos until Saturday

    • HanneMi Sauge -

      Dear Steven,
      Its not too late! Tuesday at 10 a.m. you are both welcome. Looking forward to see you.

  • Ceramic lessons are available in October 2019 . Please -drop by- and have a go on the potters wheel, as always, Tuesday’s and Fridays at 10am or book a private morning just for you .

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