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About Me


My name is Hanne Mi S. Sauge and I was born in Oslo 1961, Norway, where I completed studies in arts and crafts but also teaching training.
My ceramic products are guaranteed made by hand with love, effort and I believe passion and will color your everyday life with many happy moments. Enjoy the good feeling.

You will find me on the main road in the southern part of Zakynthos Island, in the Vassilikos region. I work in a comfortable studio and showroom where I sell my creations directly.  From May to October, my studio and showroom are open to the public. In the winterperiode please call before your visit mobile +30 697 352 9818

I produce tableware for everyday use, ceramic sculptures, decorative tiles for the bathroom and kitchen, sinks, fountains and much more!  Most ceramics are stoneware and fired at high temperatures up to1270 degrees celsius but also the popular Japanese Raku technique.

Cadmium or Lead are not used in any of the glazes, and all of my products are food safe. Tested by EBETAM.

I believe that the forms and colours of my work are inspired by the simplicity of my northern homeland (Norway) and spiced up with more southerly rich Mediterranean temperament vivid colors from the sea and shore.

No other machines are used than the traditional SHIMPO potter’s wheel and a great gas kiln produced by the fabulous Greek company Bonis Ceramic kilns BONIS KILNS


My experiences

Among many I have collaborated with talented potters and artists throughout my career, including John Dunn (UK) Artist, Simon Shaw (UK) Artist , Russell Gibbs (UK), Artist  Peter Knuckey Artist, Susanna Bäckström (Sweden) Artist , with these collaborations I sharpened my technical skills and  learned to development of my unique style.

In 1988-1989, I took sculpturing lessons at the privately operated Oslo Sketching and Painting School (Norway). I also developed my sketching under instruction by the artist Wolf Wolfsmoon (Artist) same year. Oslo, Norway.

In 1986-1987, I studied at the National University of Arts and Crafts, Blaker (Norway), under the supervision of Per-Bjarne Moen Artist  Blaker From 1983 to 1986,  I studied as a teacher for preschool children, specializing in art and craft, at the National Teacher Training University, Eik, Norway. Eik Vestfold
When I find the time I participate in exhibitions in Greece and abroad. Summer 2019 I participated in an group exhibition arranged by UNESCO-Zakynthos.

Since 1995, I teach ceramic art for the Austrian Summer Acadamy SOAK. I also offer individual and group lessons at my studio throughout the year. Several assistens and students from all over the world have been passing through my studio. Some had and some no experience at all before meeeting me and the craft Ceramics.  Within a short period of time they started creating ceramic work and even opened there own studio. Two studios are to find in Zakynthos, one in US but also in my homeland Norway.

I am a member of the  PEKA Panhellenic Union of Ceramists and Potters /ΠΕΚΑ Πανελλήνια Ένωση Κεραμιστών και Αγγειοπλαστών

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Give me a new idea and I will try to realize it for you. I gladly accept a commission.


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